Since 2005, I studied Polish Philology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and graduated in June 2010 with master degree in Polish Philology. I specialized in editing (three years) simultaneously with teaching (four years) and attended master thesis seminar conducted by Professor Wiesław Wydra - director of Division of Auxiliary Sciences and Editorship (I wrote master thesis on "Periodical e-press participation in forming the information society").


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    Attachment to the article
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Information society, information technologies, Desktop Publishing and the most recent solutions within the area of editorial activity as well as the legacy of the Roman Empire, 20th century history, World War II, ancient Slavic culture, my birth- and hometown Poznań, Greater Poland, cyberpunk, steampunk, long wanders, thinking, discussing, writing, drawing. Pleasing my eyes with movies ("The Guns of Navarone"), anime ("Tenshi no Tamago", "Jin-Roh"; pieces directed by Mamoru Oshii or Hayao Miyazaki) and books (mainly Jerzy Andrzejewski, Bruno Schulz, Jorge Luis Borges, Henrik Ibsen and Stanisław Lem; belles-lettres focused on war, also science fiction and scientific monographs). Pleasing my ears with martial industrial, neofolk, neoclassical, electro medieval and darkwave music. Enjoying snow, sweets, tangerines, grapes, good green tea, lilies of the valley and retro Christmas and New Year postcards. Etc. ;-)